Adding the VIQR input method to IBus

To add the VIQR input method to IBus, install the ibus-table-others package. My setup is GNOME on Arch Linux, so the steps were as follows:

  • Install the package ibus-table-others package from the AUR
  • Log out and log back in
  • Add the Vietnamese (Viqr) input method in Keyboard settings


When I need to type in Vietnamese, I use the VIQR input method because it was the method that made the most sense to me. The other popular method is VNI, but I did not have the patience to learn the numbers that would give me the desired accent (diacritic) marks.

I have the VIQR input method set up on my desktop but until recently, my laptop was not set up with the input method. To make it even more fun, I have swapped and reloaded laptops a few times of the past few years. Since this is something I have done years ago, it took a while to recall how to do this again.